Who are we?

Seedleaves.com has a number of people on it's development team:- 

Horticultural knowledge: We have been growing produce on the farm for 40+ years! The farm was certified organic for a number of years and has since been growing a range of small scale but mighty tasty produce. 

Food pairing: We've 2 executive chefs guiding us as to what works well on a seasonal kitchen garden menu. They  are foragers and market gardeners themselves. 

Hydroponic/aeroponic knowledge: From small, domestic aeroponic growing both inside and out, to large internal developments - we can advise you.  We have detailed knowledge in the internal growing environment including extraction, supplemental LED lighting, co2 provision, substrate provision and propagation methods as well as the distribution management of plants in a hyper local urban environment. We have  grown numerous crops ourselves over the last couple of years in an internal aeroponic facility using both the vertical and aeroponic techniques.


We are installing a 6,300 sq ft grow room using amplified natural & supplemental lighting, which will be directly linked to the food hall and restaurant. A high level look at this site -  www.applegarthspotential.biz

Seedleaves.com Applegarth Farm, Headley Road, Grayshott, Hants, GU26 6JL 

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Seedleaves.com is registered to  A Food Adventure ltd