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Your go-to for soilless aeroponic & hydroponic gardening needs

Dyrk gårdfriske produkter derhjemme med vores forspirede frøplanter, innovative aeroponiske dyrkningssystem og al den hjælp, du har brug for 

Ready to plant seedlings

Begin your fresh, beyond-organic produce journey with our pre-germinated seedlings, suitable for any soilless system.


Choose from a wide variety of non-GMO herbs, vegetables, edible flowers, and fruits. Enjoy a 3-week head start for an effortless crop cycle. Order now to kickstart your growing adventure!

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Tower Garden Home 

Upgrade your gardening game with the Tower Garden Home - a simple recirculating system, using 95% less water, 3x faster growth, 30% higher yields than traditional methods.

Master your food supply, cultivating fresh, beyond-organic produce year-round at home. Tower Gardens utilize aeroponic tech, optimizing water and nutrient use, maximizing space, and minimizing footprint. Fully customisable to suit your needs and space. Order today for the pleasure of homegrown goodness!

Plus when you purchase a Tower Garden Home from us, enjoy 25% off our Seedling Packs & 50% off our new online course 'A Comprehensive Guide to Soilless Growing'

Commercial Tower Farms 

Now entrepreneurs, businesses, schools and other commercial enterprises can easily and sustainably grow nutritious produce for their communities — with the Tower Farm almost anywhere (really...)

Expand your gardening operations with our commercial tower farm options, ideal for schools, community gardens, and large-scale operations. We provide diverse choices tailored to your specific needs. Reach out today to discover more about our commercial offerings.

New & online now!


'A Complete Guide to Soilless Growing' 

Plus, enjoy 50% off the course price when

you purchase a Tower Garden Home from us

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Soilless Growing vs Traditional Agricultural Methods

food feet, 

not miles

5% vandforbrug sammenligning

3 x hurtigere vækst

ingen snegle, luge

eller rodet jord

ingen pesticider eller andre grimme ting


Urban Growing Club

Grow plants & minds in your school with a classroom Tower Garden

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