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Your go-to for soilless aeroponic & hydroponic gardening needs

Cultivez des produits frais de la ferme à la maison avec nos semis pré-germés, notre système de culture aéroponique innovant et toute l'aide dont vous avez besoin 

Cutting edge soilless systems

Seedleaves are official resellers of Tower Garden & InvertiGro technology, catering to growers of all levels. Whether you're a home gardener or a commercial farmer, our systems provide efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions for growing fresh produce.

Something for everyone

From home gardeners to commercial enterprises...

235_my seed leaves_sep_2021_4997-2.jpg

Tower Garden

Tower Garden's vertical aeroponic systems are perfect for those with limited space, allowing you to grow a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs indoors or outdoors.


InvertiCubes, designed by InvertiGro, bring the benefits of indoor vertical farming to a new level with quick setup, high yields, and sustainability, making them ideal for anyone looking to produce quality, nutritious food.


Tower Farms

For entrepreneurs & businesses, Tower Farms scalable model combines aeroponic farming with positive community impact. Enjoy greater yields, higher margins, and more crop flexibility.

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Consultancy Services

Expert guidance for every stage

of your growing journey

Whether you're a novice gardener or an experienced commercial farmer, our team of experts is here to provide personalised guidance and solutions tailored to your needs.


From designing and setting up your soilless system to optimizing crop production and maximizing yield, our consultancy services cover a wide range of areas to ensure your success. With a deep understanding of the latest technologies and sustainable farming practices, we'll help you navigate challenges and unlock the full potential of your growing operation.


Experience the difference expert guidance can make in your growing journey and take your farming endeavours to new heights.


Earth Friendly Superfoods 

Our gourmet Lion's Mane mushrooms are grown in remote environs using all-natural, low-tech processes, offering exquisite taste and a gourmet culinary experience like no other. Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence with MySeedium's whole-form Lion's Mane mushrooms.

New & online now!


'A Complete Guide to Soilless Growing' 

Plus, enjoy 50% off the course price when

you purchase a Tower Garden Home from us

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Soilless Growing vs Traditional Agricultural Methods

food feet, 

not miles

Comparaison de la consommation d'eau à 5 %

Taux de croissance 3 fois plus rapide

pas de limaces, désherbage

ou sol salissant

pas de pesticides ou autres produits nocifs


Urban Growing Club

Grow plants & minds in your school with a classroom Tower Garden

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