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Il est temps de
repenser la nourriture

Au Royaume-Uni, 6,7 millions de tonnes de nourriture sont gaspillées chaque année, ce qui représente un coût total de 10,2 milliards de livres sterling. Cela représente des coûts de 250 £ à 400 £ par ménage et par an.

Nous savons que la plupart des aliments que nous voyons dans les rayons des supermarchés ont été transformés, aspergés de produits chimiques et sont loin d'être frais au moment où ils arrivent chez vous.

Pourquoi faisons-nous ce que nous faisons?

At Seedleaves, we offer a range of innovative solutions designed to make sustainable, fresh food accessible to everyone. Our comprehensive services and products cater to individuals, businesses, and communities looking to embrace the future of farming. Discover how we can help you grow greener, healthier, and more efficiently.

Pourquoi faisons-nous ce que nous faisons?

Your ultimate source for fresh fungi, ready-to-fruit substrates, manufactured fungi produce, premium seedlings, and growing aids. Start your vertical farm with confidence using our hyper-local, fresh produce range. Experience quality, embrace nature!

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Qui fait partie de l'équipe ? 

Our expert team provides tailored consultancy services to guide you through the implementation of vertical farming systems. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced grower, we offer personalised advice on system design, crop selection, and sustainable practices to ensure your success. Let us help you optimise your space and maximise your yield.

Pourquoi faisons-nous ce que nous faisons?

Looking to host a unique and educational event? Hire our expertise and systems to create an engaging vertical farming experience. From workshops and corporate events to community gatherings, we provide everything you need to showcase the future of agriculture. Our events are perfect for inspiring and educating participants about the benefits and potential of vertical farming.

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Urban Growing Club for Schools

Join our Urban Growing Club and be part of a community dedicated to urban agriculture. Members gain access to exclusive resources, monthly meetups, and hands-on workshops. Learn from experts, share your experiences, and connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about sustainable urban farming.

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'A Complete Guide to Soilless Growing' 

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