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Sweet Pepper Redskin F1 are very dwarf plants ideal for containers on a patio, and is sometimes referred to as the 'hanging basket' pepper. The plant produces numerous medium-size fruits which are slightly pointed, of bright green colour turning to red. Winner of an RHS Award of Garden Merit for reliability and good performance.

To ensure a good crop, it is best to sow with heat early and grow in a greenhouse/polytunnel. It can be grown outside but the crop needs quite a bit of warmth so crops may be smaller in size & quantity and not as many will ripen fully.

They do sound fiddly but treat like a greenhouse tomato and you should be rewarded with lovely juicy peppers.

Sweet Pepper Redskin F1 AGM Seeds Information

Seed Quantity:Approx 10 seeds per pack.

Full sun. Greenhouse/polytunnel or sheltered fertile soil.

When to Sow

February to April (Best in March).

How to Sow:

Sow in seed trays/modules in the greenhouse and lightly cover with compost and gently water. They need heat to germinate so place in a heated propagator at about 22C (or an airing cupboard but remove seeds as soon as they sprout and give them warmth & light). They can be slow to germinate from 21-28 days. Pot on into 9cm pots when a set of true leaves have grown and keep at a constant temperature of 14C. Pot on again into 2L pots when they have rooted well. Either plant out in June or into 4/5L pots or the soil in a greenhouse in May/June.


They can be left to grow as cordons with supports and just pinch out the top when they reach the greenhouse roof. But the best method is to pinch out the growing tip and produce a smaller bushier plant that will only need a little staking and produce earlier fruits which should ripen easier. To help stimulate pollination just brush the flowers lightly with a paintbrush, going from one flower to the next, transferring the pollen. Water with a nitrogen-rich feed (tomato feed) once a week when fruiting has begun.

Harvest:June to September. Can be harvested & eaten early when green or left to ripen to red, but the earlier fruits are picked more will be encouraged to follow.

Sweet Pepper Redskin F1 AGM Seeds



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