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Balls of Fire Chilli Seed is an excellent patio style chilli plant, growing to only 30-35cm tall. It is an early maturing variety, with the fruit changing colour from creamy white to orange and then red giving a wonderful multi-coloured effect.

Balls of Fire is Native to Central America and grown as a vegetable, Capsicum chinense is a tropical herb that is 70-80 cm tall. C. chinense varieties are well known for their unique flavours and many have exceptional heat. The hottest peppers in the world are members of this species, with Scoville Heat Unit scores of over 2 million. The leaves are compound with each leaf composed of 3 leaflets. The flowers found in the axils of leaves. They are white and occur singly or in clusters of two. The fruit is used as a flavouring and spice. It has tonic and antiseptic properties. It increases perspiration, reduces pain sensitivity, and stimulates the circulatory and digestive systems. 

Typically fruits from the Balls of Fire plant are 1.5cm round and each plant can produce between 20-50 fruits.

The seeds should be sown in either a heated propagator or a heated greenhouse and kept at a constant and consistent temperature. In order to produce fruit successfully, the seed should be sown early in the season and the plants must be kept at a constant temperature and watered as required. 

Handle peppers with extreme caution, keep out of reach of children and immature adults!!

PLEASE NOTE - we do not recommend growing chillies on a windowsill, especially the hotter varieties. Chillies need a constant and consistent temperature to germinate and windowsills above radiators do not provide the ideal conditions, especially overnight when temperatures drop dramatically. Significant drops in temperature will slow and possibly halt germination.


Balls of Fire Chilli Seed Information

Seeds Per Pack:20
Sow Hot Scale: 
Scoville Rating:50,000 SHU (View the Scoville Scale)
When to Sow:January - April
Time to Fruit:80 days
Harvest:August - October

Chilli Pepper Balls Of Fire



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