Redfire lettuce
Nutritional Values; Contains Vitamin A , folate and is a good source of Vitamin C .
Low in Kcalories and high in fibre. These leaves contain the phytochemicals ,
These nutrients are at their optimum levels when they are picked fresh from
your tower and used as quickly as possible
This lettuce has a lovely crunch to it and can be added to leafy salads to add
texture and crunch .

It can also used as a base for a Caesar salad .
Make a base from the crunchy leaves . Cut 2 slices of bread in to croutons , (2 cm
squares) Pot on a baking tray and drizzle the extra virgin olive oil . Put into the
oven at 180 *C for 15-20 mins until they are crisp . Leave to cool .
Make dressing ; Put 3 tbls mayonnaise in a bowl ,add ½ tsp garlic paste .Add the
juice of a lime and two tbls water .Mix well until smooth and the consistency of
double cream Add two heaped tablespoons of finely grated parmegiano
regginato ., Mix well
Make some slivers of parmesan (about two tablespoons )
Wash the lettuce leaves and dry in a teatowel. Make a good base . Add the
crutons and the slivers of parmesan and drizzle the dressing over .
You could also add some slices of cooked chicken to make a more filling meal.


These seedlings are grown in the UK in the perfect environment for both indoor and outdoor aeroponic/hydroponic growing .

Our aeroponic seedlings are 100% naturally grown without the use of pesticides nor herbicides. All seedlings are grown from organic non-GMO seeds.

Seedlings are carefully shipped and you can easily plant them on your home Tower Garden®. 

As these plants are grown to order we need approximately 2-3weeks notice for your order. 

We are constantly growing seedlings for our own Towers so if you are in need of something immediate, please check our 'available now' range.

You can select three different type of growing medium. By default they will be grown in rockwool but if you want another medium for a different system please select. All three types will work in a TowerGarden.


 Tower Garden® Ready
 100% Organic Seeds

 100% GMO Free
 100% Farm Fresh

 100% Pesticide Free



Lettuce – moonred (Mini Romaine)

Growing medium Applegarth Farm, Headley Road, Grayshott, Hants, GU26 6JL 

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