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Choose what
you grow

Choose what to grow in your Tower Garden or other aeroponic system from our collection of pre-sprouted, fast growing seedlings.

We provide the finest seedlings, produced in a material that does not break up when placed in a hydroponic or aeroponic growing system.


We allow you to select from new and exciting plants without the headache of germinating and propagating them. We're continually sourcing new and tasty varieties, specifically appropriate to thrive in your system. We will post the seedlings to arrive on your doorstep - all we need is a couple of weeks notice and they will be with you.

If you just want to see a thriving, abundant system, providing freshly grown food for your family, look no further.

Curated Seedling Packs

Need help deciding? Our seasonal seedling varieties are designed to help you plan your harvest. With six different types of seedlings in each pack, you can select a range of packs and with our subscription facility, order them either once or so that they come regularly. 

Our curated seedling packs help you select a mix of ready-to-plant seedlings. Enjoy everything from favourite leafy greens like lettuce varieties to your favourite herbs and so much more...

Packs are available with just a week between ordering and arrival.