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Curated Seedlings, grown to order

We grow healthy seedlings ready to place in your soilless system, using a substrate material that will ensure abundant, healthy harvests and happily travel the journey to your door.


Select from new and exciting plants without the headache of germinating and propagating them. We're continually sourcing new and tasty varieties, specifically appropriate to thrive in any aeroponic or hydroponic system. 


Each individual seedling is quality checked before shipping, so you can rest assured that only the best produce is growing in your home. We will post the seedlings to arrive on your doorstep within a few weeks of your order - what's not to love!

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Curated Seedling Packs

Need help deciding? From leafy greens to herbs and everything in-between, we have teamed up a selection of seedlings that we know work well together, making it easier than ever to start your soilless garden.


With six different types of seedlings in each pack, you can trial multiple plant types at your leisure  or sign up to our subscription facility a receive new seedling varieties on a regular basis. Either way, we'll keep you going all year round. 

Seedling packs are usually shipped within a week of receiving your order and are growing using bound soil plugs - fully compostable whilst holding together very well in any hydroponic/aeroponic system. 


Our broad range of must-have herbs are guaranteed to add flavour and punch to your dishes. 

Salad Greens

That leafy salad staple with more cousins than you could imagine. Take your pick from our an extensive range of varieties, complete with vibrant colours, crisp textures and deep flavours.


From large, weighty Beefsteak to oblong & 'meaty' Plum and Roma types and small but super sweet Campari tomatoes to classic Cherry tomatoes, our range of tomatoes come in a wide range of colours, sizes, shapes, & flavours.

Brassica, Cruciferous, Cabbage

From sautéing & seasoning to flash frying in a stir fry, these greens are made to handle heat with firm, fibrous leaves that tenderise within minutes.

Edible Flowers

Why pick one colour when you can have multiple? Not only are these eye-popping blossoms beautiful but they are also sure to attract beneficial pollinators to neighbouring seedlings. Scatter the petals over sweet and savoury dishes for the ultimate finishing touch.

 The Plugs

We have three different mediums to choose from, depending on what you're looking for. 

Rockwool - a lightweight hydroponic substrate is made from spinning molten basaltic rock into fine fibres which are then formed into a range of cubes. A large amount of supermarket sold produce is grown in this. Completely inert, with nothing added - the cheapest option.

Organic Coco Coir - is made from the coconut husk. What was once considered a waste and a byproduct of the coconut industry is now a major staple of growers all around the world. It holds water incredibly well and works well in the Tower Garden system. These plugs are certified organic and have been especially sized to fit into the Tower Garden system.

Soil & Peat plugs - these are very clever; the material has been bound with a natural polymer to make a sponge-like plug. It includes all the nutrients in it to grow a seed up to being a seedling ready to pop in your tower. 

The Organic
Seed Stock

It's the coming together of old and the new. Heritage, difficult to find and interesting seedlings with modern, sustainable growing techniques. We're constantly looking for varieties that will fit in and thrive in these new and exciting environments.


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