Grow your own Food

Our seedlings are ready to go, grown specifically to pop in your aeroponic or hydroponic system. is a platform upon which you can buy the finest seedlings, produced in material that does not break up when placed in a hydroponic or aeroponic growing system.

It allows you to select from new and interesting plants without the headache of propagating them. We are constantly sourcing new and tasty varieties, specifically appropriate to thrive in your system. We will send the seedlings in the post to arrive on your doorstep - all we need is a couple of weeks notice and they will be with you.

If you just want to see a thriving, abundant system, providing foods for your family, look no further.

 Its all about the plugs

We have three different mediums to choose, depending upon your requirement. 

Rockwool - a lightweight hydroponic substrate is made from spinning molten basaltic rock into fine fibres which are then formed into a range of cubes. A large amount of supermarket sold produce is grown in this. Completely inert, with nothing added - the cheapest option.

Organic Coco Coir - is made from the coconut husk. What was once considered a waste and a byproduct of the coconut industry is now a major staple of growers all around the world. It holds water incredibly well and works well in the TowerGarden system. These plugs are certified organic and have been especially sized to fit into the TowerGarden system.

Soil & Peat plugs - these are very clever; the material has been bound with a natural polymer to make a sponge-like plug. It includes all the nutrients in it to grow a seed up to being a seedling ready to pop in your tower. 

And the Organic Seed stock

It's the coming together of old with the new. Heritage, difficult to find and interesting seedlings with modern, sustainable growing techniques. We're constantly looking for varieties that will fit in and thrive in these new and exciting environments.

If you're a mass produced seedling, bread for aggressive growth over taste - you ain't getting in!

How it works

Select from our range of seedlings, which we will start propogating the moment your order is placed 

Fresh grape tomatoes with basil and coar


Lettuce- roundhead

fresh green pok choy.jpg

Cabbage & brassica 

organic food,a plate full of edible flow

Edible Flowers

Cucumbers in a box on a wooden backgroun


Freshly harvested herbs with old antique


Brassicas, chards...

Grown to order

After approximately 3 weeks we will then send you the seedlings in the post. You pop them into your system, off you grow. Applegarth Farm, Headley Road, Grayshott, Hants, GU26 6JL 

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