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TowerGarden in the workplace

A blue glow radiates from computer monitors. Fluorescent lights buzz overhead. Listless fingers tap sporadically from behind cubicle walls as the smell of burnt coffee hangs in the air. This is the quintessential office experience.


And though it may seem quite sterile, it’s increasingly becoming a launch pad for life. Plant life, specifically. Keep reading to learn why.

From reducing stress to sharpening brain function, gardening offers a variety of health benefits that translate to happier, more productive employees. Plus, getting up from your desk to harvest or tend to crops may offset the negative effects of sitting all day. 


In fact, with so much to gain, it’s a wonder gardening hasn’t been incorporated into more employee wellness programs.

Tired of sandwiches and leftovers? Imagine a smoothie packed with fresh goodness or a bowl filled to the brim with crisp lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, sugar snap peas, and other just-harvested garden produce.

One of the biggest benefits that corporate gardens yield is also the most literal: food. And that means employee lunches inherently become tastier and more nutritious.

Today’s global economy is fiercely competitive and for many brands, corporate values have become a point of differentiation. Growing an employee garden is one way to make a statement about what’s important to your company and stand out in the minds of your customers.

An organisation that values sustainability could demonstrate that value by growing an eco-friendly garden. 

246_my seed leaves_sep_2021_5148.jpg

Employee Wellness

210_my seed leaves_sep_2021_4829.jpg

Yield Fresh Produce

20_my seed leaves_sep_2021_4231.jpg

Enhance Your Image

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What we can do for you 

Seedleaves can provide a range of services to help you grow in your workplace. Here are just some of the things we can help you with:

  • A full service contract where we visit the office and maintain the tower(s) for you.

  • Hydroponic & aeroponic seedlings delivered via courier. you just drop them into the tower and watch them grow. The remaining maintenance is on average 20 minutes a week. 

  • Consultancy and setup on how to setup and run your own towers. 

  • Creative insight get in touch and we will come up with some creative ideas with you

259_my seed leaves_sep_2021_5208.jpg
Smoothie Bar for employee wellness

A living juice bar of which your employees can cut produce from and create their own healthy juices is an amazing addition to any office. The tower is tailored to providing a range of produce that suits this, celery, flat leaf parsley, lemon basil, Russian kale and edible flowers to add a lovely finish to the smoothie. All you need on top of this is a range of fruit to accompany the tower produce and of course a smoothie blender.


We can set the entire thing up for you and include a constant supply of seedlings. Depending on the size of the office, two towers are the perfect amount for this allowing the younger seedlings to grow (and they grow 3 times faster than normal agriculture) 


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