TowerGarden in the workplace

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Employee wellness

Having a constantly growing and evolving

indoor garden is extremely good for stress. If Staff are engaged with the whole process its a brilliant way to bring staff together 

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Fresh produce

We have created a number of facilities

for staff to enjoy the nutrient dense plants

that grow on a Towergarden. Creating a smoothie bar where staff pick their own produce is just one example of this. 

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Stunning backdrop

Towergarden, in full bloom is a stunning thing to have as a backdrop. It sits well separating areas of an office but also creating a wow factor when people visit the office

Employee wellness, fresh nutrient dense produce and an amazing backdrop for visitors.

A tower requires little maintenance and can be crafted to a specific use case. It can be used as an amazing floral backdrop, essentially a living flower arrangement that will keep on producing with little effort and minimal cost. .Or it can be a living vending machine where employees come up and harvest salad for their lunch. Or a juicing bar can be created where employees cut off celery or parsley and make their own fresh smoothies. There are endless possibilities and it is considerably easier than you think. 


Plenty of potential, get in touch and we will come up with some ideas for you.

There are many reasons why including a vertical farm into your office environment is positive

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What we can do for you 
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  • Seedleaves can provide a range of services to help you get growing. 

  • A full service contract where we visit the office and maintain the tower(s) for you. Right now this is only available in London and outskirts.

  • Hydroponic seedlings delivered via courier. you just drop them into the tower and watch them grow. The remaining maintenance is on average 20 minutes a week. 

  • Consultancy and setup on how to setup and run your own towers. 

Smoothie Bar for employee wellness

A living juice bar of which your employees can cut produce from and create their own healthy juices is an amazing addition to any office. The tower is tailored to providing a range of produce that suits this, celery, flat leaf parsley, lemon basil, Russian kale and edible flowers to add a lovely finish to the smoothie. All you need on top of this is a range of fruit to accompany the tower produce and of course a smoothie blender.


We can set the entire thing up for you and include a constant supply of seedlings. Depending on the size of the office, two towers are the perfect amount for this allowing the younger seedlings to grow (and they grow 3 times faster than normal agriculture)