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Learning with a TowerGarden

Did you know that there are 10,000 towers being used every day in schools in America. They have been integrated into the curriculum and children love learning with them. It reengages them with where their food comes from and provides them skills on many levels. Trying to engage children in horticulture is challenging, as much because many schools do not have the space to create a growing space or the skillset to teach in this field. 

TowerGarden technology puts the magic back into growing, especially for inquisitive little minds. Children love growing with them and can be engaged from the moment a seed is put into a substrate to pulling leaves of and eating them straight from the plant. 

Towergarden has created lessons for all levels & ages of which we can provide schools as part of integrating towers into the classroom. 

Towergarden in the classroom
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Towergarden has created a number of lessons that look at everything from how plants reproduce to what is the breakdown in the food that they need. At the same time having a towergarden indoors in a classroom empowers children to really engage in the growing process. Mini lessons can be created to include the entire process of growing:

Propagating a seed

Feeding and then transplanting the seedling 

Pruning the seedling and cross polinating if appropriate

Harvesting & eating the end result!

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Micro-Farm at school.

Integrating a micro-farm into your school opens up so many opportunities. 

Not only does it provide the kitchen with amazingly fresh nutrient rich produce for students to harvest and eat.

An entire structure of lessons can be integrated into the school curriculum. Depending on the age of the children the lessons teach a broad range of skills, not just horticultural based. Production of foods where it is consumed is seeing as a postive way of impacting the countries carbon emission, for example. 

As the micro-farm has an automatic dosing system which requires just a water source, it requires very little maintenance in its running. 

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We can provide lesson structures for every year group. 

We are happy to come and visit the school and showcase the Towers to the students.

Installation and maintenance of both a micro-farm and individual TowerGarden Home units can be arranged. 

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