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Buy a Tower Garden

Ready to start your zero food miles, home farm food journey? Buy a tower garden today and start growing. 

 Towergardens grow themselves

Grow your own seedling or buy them from us 
Drop it in the Tower
Watch it grow ridiculously quickly!
Harvest it for your dinner. Roots on fresh, epically tasty.
Incredibly good for your well being, tending your produce daily.

What can I grow?

You can grow over 130 plants!
Salads & leafy greens grow incredibly fast
Fresh, huge taste herbs - always available, no plastic wrapped blandness.
Tomatoes, peppers, chilli's, cucumbers all thrive in a tower.
Grow strawberries in January, melons all year round. 
Flowers thrive on a Towergarden
239_my seed leaves_sep_2021_4955_edited.jpg

They're awesome aren't they!

At Seedleaves we're really pleased to be helping ZeroCarbon Guildford in the work that they are doing to raise awareness in reducing our carbon emissions.

Urban agriculture is growing in popularity all over the world. Zero carbon miles, nutrient dense foods produced on your doorstep or by yourself.   


213_my seed leaves_sep_2021_4852.jpg

Book a Zoom Introduction

 Book a zoom session to talk to one of our team experts, and learn more about vertical growing and how it works. We've a TowerGarden in our kitchen, we're sure you'll be convinced.


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