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Fresh Lettuce

Specialists in soilless growing

We offer pre-germinated seedlings, Tower Garden Homes, and Commercial Tower Farm options, supporting individuals and businesses in growing fresh produce year-round. Leveraging experience in supplying restaurants, retail operations, and trials with various systems, we are committed to delivering top-notch products and services.

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'A Complete Guide to Soilless Growing' 

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Your go-to for soilless growing

At Seedleaves, we believe in making fresh produce accessible to everyone, whether on a domestic or commercial scale.


Skip the challenges of growing from scratch – we germinate the seedlings for you. Simply place them in your Tower Garden, Tower Farm, or any soilless system upon arrival.


We aim to democratise fresh food, making it easy for you to join the growing revolution and cultivate your own food for your family and community.


Extensive knowledge on every level

Our knowledgeable team, boasting years of experience in traditional and aeroponic growing, covers diverse areas:

Horticultural Expertise: Over 40 years of certified organic farming, supplying a variety of produce to restaurants and retail outlets.

Cooking & Nutrition: Our chef-led team designs daily menus based on the available Tower-to-table produce, emphasising freshness.

Soilless Growing Mastery: Extensive experience in aeroponic and hydroponic crops, with trials of various systems. From small domestic setups to commercial Tower Farm developments, we offer comprehensive guidance.


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