Aeroponic Growing

With Tower Garden in the UK

With the current crisis engulfing the world and our food security in serious peril, now is the time to look to a new future in the way agriculture works. Bringing growing directly into the heart of our communities has the potential to seriously alleviate many of the current problems.

Seedleaves.com has partnered with the amazing TowerGarden to bring these wonderful aeroponic towers to the UK. We can both sell you TowerGardens for your home and advise you in the installation of large commercial-sized operations. We are in the process of building a considerable installation in Southern England, as a sister site to the incredible TrueGarden in Arizona. 


Growing at Home

TowerGarden Home - growing indoors all year round

Honestly, it's really very easy. TowerGarden is an aeroponic growing technique using nothing more than water mixed with a liquid nutrient. Just like you'd mix liquid nutrient into water and feed your outdoor plants like tomatoes etc., the nutrient is exactly the same in makeup as many traditional recipes, just thoroughly tested to get the best feed for this technique. No hocus pocus or weird additions. The plastic on the towers is the highest grade food-safe variety, fully approved by the FDA.

The plants are dropped into holes around the outside and the liquid nutrient is pumped up to the top and trickles down over the roots, feeding them constantly, and that's the magic. Liquid nutrient and the oxygen in the air, giving the perfect recipe for ultimate growth. The led lights that come down on four sides give enough well-spectrummed light for the plants to thrive. 

The plants can't get enough! They grow 30% faster, 20% larger and compared to outdoor growing use up only 5% of the water conventional farming gives. 

The food is super tasty and amazingly fresh. The whole process of growing is great fun, a little like edible bonsai!

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Growing commercially

Grow Aeroponically in the heart of the city

In partnership with TrueGarden and Tower Farms, Seedleaves.com can assist in all elements of the planning process. Commercial farms can be installed on both ground level and on rooftops and work symbiotically with many business types, from restaurants & food retail to schools and universities. 

With the current crisis rocking the world, there is no better time to look at this pioneering way of growing, right in the heart of the community.

We can assist in every element of the planning process and provide all the knowledge necessary in setting up your own farm. 



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