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Growing the future

Custom fungi chambers and premium substrates for all your growing needs

Spore-tacular solutions

At Seedleaves, we are proud to introduce the newest arm of our business, specialising in the creation of bespoke fungi fruiting chambers and providing premium substrate.


As leaders in the field within the UK, our mission is to elevate the art and science of fungi cultivation.

Bespoke fungi fruiting chambers

We design and build custom fungi fruiting chambers tailored to meet your unique needs. Our chambers are meticulously crafted to ensure optimal growing conditions, resulting in superior yield and quality. Whether you are a restaurant, a specialty retailer, a large-scale agricultural operation, or an avid fungi enthusiast, our bespoke solutions are engineered to help you achieve unparalleled results.


Premium substrate

For those looking to cultivate fungi, we offer high-quality substrate ready to be introduced into your growing environment. Our substrates are formulated to provide the ideal foundation for a variety of fungi, ensuring robust growth and bountiful harvests. Easy to use and highly effective, our substrates make fungi cultivation accessible to all.

cutting-edge technology to push boundaries

Our success is driven by collaboration with industry-leading partners, ensuring our clients benefit from the latest advancements and innovations. Together, we are setting new standards and achieving unparalleled objectives in the field.


At Seed Leaves, we are committed to excellence in every aspect of fungi cultivation. Join us in exploring the fascinating world of culinary fungi, and experience the difference that expert craftsmanship and innovative technology can make.


Explore our offerings and discover why Seed Leaves is the trusted leader in the UK's culinary fungi industry.


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