Tower Garden to Table

Grow farm-fresh produce at home with our pre-germinated seedlings, innovative aeroponic growing system and all the help you need 

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Kickstart your journey with pre-germinated seedlings

TowerGarden and other aeroponic or hydroponic systems all require germination outside of the system itself. Our seedlings give you a 3 week head start and allow for an effortless crop cycle.

Choose from a wide variety of herbs, brassicas, fruits and edible flowers.

Towergarden- Super simple to grow 365

Take back control on where your food comes from by growing it in your own home. With todays food prices sky rocketing this system will produce a good range of produce with very little effort. Indoors, all year round. 

One simple recirculating system. 95% less water, 3x faster, 30% higher yields. you can grow a lettuce from seed in 5 weeks. Or cherry tomatoes, or cucumbers, cabbages, the list goes on.

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950% more produce, 30% bigger yields, 95% less water, 3x faster.

Get serious about production with TowerFarms (from 10 towers)

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