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Tower Garden to Table

Grow farm-fresh produce at home with our pre-germinated seedlings, innovative aeroponic growing system and all the help you need 

Grow yourself a farmers market

Sustainable food for everyone, for life


Get a head start with our ready-to-plant seedlings

Growing Aids

Products to help you grow for yourself


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Heritage or organic seeds

100% non GMO

seeds used

Ready for netpots &

won't break up

Tower Garden Home

Grow indoors, all year round

Tower Farms

We install Tower farms, worldwide

Seeds of Knowledge

Face-to-face &
online learning

Food feet not miles

5% water usage comparison

3 x faster growth rate

no slugs, weeding

or messy soil

no pesticides or other nasties

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Grow your own amazing, fresh, nutrient dense food

Most produce that you buy in the supermarket is not only

4-6 days old but has travelled 1000s of miles to get to you. Grow your own, help reduce carbon emissions and eat nutritionally dense, delicious foods.

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