Grow your own 

Delicious Food, 365.

Join the growth in producing your own food at home, whatever the weather, all year round!

With the growth of urban gardening both inside and outdoors, we are able to supply aeroponic equipment and a broad range of fruit & vegetable seedlings- fit for  both aeroponic and hydroponic growing.

We have partnered with the amazing TowerGarden to bring their amazing aeroponic growing system into the UK and we are able to sell both the 'home' version and commercial full farms.

Alongside this we are producing a broad range of seedlings to order, ready to drop into the system and will have come from the finest seed sources. The growing medium we use allows the seed to grow immensely healthy roots and it will not break up while being watered in your system. 

TowerGarden Technology available in the UK

Bring the delights of growing your own foods and all of the calming benefits of doing so, indoors. Remove yourself from the UK's precarious supply chain by growing your own. Eat roots on fresh produce, with all the nutritional benefits of doing so. 


Imagine growing a broad range of food, 365 days of the year. Plucking away at leaves as they grow, adding them to your salads, popping them into stir frys, making an Eton Mess in the middle of January- with your own strawberries. 

It's so easy to do, really. If you can bake a cake, you can grow this way. Liquid nutrient drips over the roots of the plants giving them the optimum Sunday roast- oxygen and rocksalt nutrients constantly nourishing them. You check the water & nutrient levels weekly, that's it.

Then if you want to bring it up a gear you buy another Tower. Then another and eventually you're growing for yourself and your family. Perhaps it's time to turn it into a mini business- That is the beauty of this technology. Minimal effort, scaleable if necessary, exceptionally fresh foods. 

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Hydroponic heritage Seedlings delivered to your home

We have been growing aeroponically and hydroponically for 18 months and have trialled pretty much every type of produce we could get our hands on. We have tested multiple different types of growing mediums from coconut coir plugs, rockwool to soil bound plugs. 

Growing seedlings is actually very easy. You can happily grow your own and be completely self sufficient with your TowerGarden. At the same time though, the fun parts in the tending, the trimming,  and the working out what dish is going to work well with the herb, that you're looking at.  At Seedleaves we have over 150 different type of seedling from you to choose from. All tried and tested in a Tower, many heritage obscure varieties sourced from around the world.




We grow the seedlings to order and then ship them to you, so that they are absolutely ready to drop into your TowerGarden. With a little planning, you can have months worth of food that you absolutely won't find in a supermarket, dropping through your letterbox. 

Heritage or organic seeds

100% non gmo

Ready for netpots

won't break up.

A taste of our seedlings you can buy

What deliciousness do we have in stock








Growing medium

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