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Growing accessories,
nutrients & supplies

Grow the healthiest plants possible with our pick of the best products on the market. Everything listed here has been tried & tested by us.

Grow Seedlings

Epic seedlings

Day-to-Day Maintenance

Day to day maintenance

Predator & Pathogen Controls

Predators & pathogens

Natural Predators

Natural Predators
Fresh green salad with strawberries and

Other products, tried and tested by us

We have listed a range of items that are useful for growing aeroponically. Organic pest prevention using plant extracts rather than chemicals are all that we will promote. We have used all of these items ourselves

Garten Glück Leaf Spot Treatment. Neem oil mix. 

Organi-Sect Non - chemical, organic insecticide.

Plant magic Calcium 
Prevent Blossom end rot in tomatoes naturally

EC meter- Temp & nutrient density

Add to rockwool to keep seed moist.

PH up- adjust the PH in your tank

PH up and down- adjust the PH in your tank

 PH meter

Quick and easy way to test your tank. Renowned for quality


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