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What are Broad Mites and how do I identify them?

Broad Mite (Polyphagotarsonemus latus) is a harmful pest that can cause extensive damage to plants. The Broad Mite causes damage symptoms similar in appearance to plant viruses, where distortion is developed on plants. Young plants, leaves and flower buds are often attacked first, which will result in the leaves and stems going brown. The Broad Mites are very small and pale in colour.

What are Amblyseius andersoni mites and how can they help?

Broad Mite Killer contains the predatory mites; Amblyseius andersoni. The andersoni feed on the Broad Mite and a range of other pests. See them listed below:

  • Broad Mite
  • Two Spotted Mite/Red Spider Mite
  • Cyclamen Mite
  • Carmine Mite
  • Russet Hemp Mite
  • Russet Mite
  • European Mite
  • Whitefly eggs

Where should I use andersoni?

We advise using Amblyseius andersoni against Broad Mite on indoor and outdoor plants. The andersoni also feed on pollen and this means that they can be applied to plants before, or soon after, the Broad Mite is first observed on plants. This can aid earlier control of Broad Mite populations and reduce risk of sustained pest damage by combating the Broad Mite early in its life cycle.

If protecting plants from Broad Mite indoors, results can also be found with our Amblyseius californicus sachets.

What conditions do they require?

Amblyseius andersoni are active at temperatures ranging from 6℃ - 40. This enables the introduction of these predators in a variety of environments, earlier in the year, and in lower temperature environments than required by Phytoseiulus persimilis predators, for example.

How do I apply these predators from the bottle?

Broad Mite often feed at the top of plants, so ensure the andersoni are released on that area of the plant, or in other evident hot spots of Broad Mite activity.

The Broad Mite Killer is supplied in shaker bottles (the largest unit contains 25,000 predators), so you can apply the predators by rotating the bottle and gently shaking the contents directly onto the infested leaves and growing points of the plants.

Amblyseius andersoni can also be applied using our Dragonfli Distribution Boxes, which will be more effective for larger plants. Distribute the shaker bottle contents into your boxes and hang them on the stems or leaves of your plants. The boxes act as small breeding sites for the predators before they proceed to exit the boxes and move around the plants.

Repeat applications may be required to maintain andersoni populations or if the Broad Mite numbers were high when the predators were first applied.

Full instructions are provided on delivery.

Can I store andersoni?

We advise using andersoni straight away upon delivery. This ensures best results as the Mites will be fresh.

Chemical Pesticides

Amblyseius andersoni is a living creature and can be affected by any chemical pesticides used within the previous few weeks. As a general guide, refrain from using Pyrethrum or SB Plant Invigorator 2 days prior to use. Other chemicals insecticides can have long lasting residues that could harm andersoni and other predatory mites for much longer periods. Refrain from using these products or check with Dragonfli for information on the effect of these products on the predatory mites.

Spider Mite Killer Ulti – Foil sachet



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