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Use these Mighty Mite predators to control a variety of insect pests

Mighty Mite contains the predatory mite; Macrocheles robustulus. This mite is a soil dwelling predator and feeds on insect larvae and other small insect pests that it locates in, or on, compost or soil. Professional growers use this predator as a routine treatment to keep young plants free from Sciarid Fly larvae, which can cause young plants, or seedlings, to die either from the sustained root damage or plant diseases spread by the Sciarid larvae.

Mighty Mite predators have been observed feeding on:

  • Sciarid Fly (Fungus Gnats)
  • Thrip pupae
  • Springtails
  • Woodlice
  • Housefly maggots
  • Blowfly maggots
  • Stable Fly maggots
  • Vine Weevil larvae

When should I use the Mighty Mites?

We advise using the Mighty Mites when Fungus Fly, or Thrip, have been identified on your plants, or ideally before they have infested your plants, but have been caught on your nearby sticky traps.

The Mighty Mites will control elements of the pest cycle that occur directly in the compost or soil, but will very rarely venture onto the plant itself. We would therefore encourage you to utilise sticky traps in combination with our predators to gain the best protection against pests in these areas. For catching adult Sciarid flies, hang up yellow sticky traps above the compost, or soil, to catch the adults, which will fly onto the traps when disturbed. See our range of sticky traps here to acquire this additional protection. 

Mighty Mite should especially be considered for use at the propagation of plants.

What conditions do the Mighty Mites require?

Mighty Mites are suitable for use in moist conditions, both in greenhouses or on outdoor growing media. They will not tolerate standing water, however. For optimal results the soil should be moist (but not too wet), and preferably rich in organic matter. If wishing to boost your soil with the necessary organic matter, see our Soil Boost Fertiliser.

The minimum temperature for optimum use of Mighty Mites is 15℃.

How many Mighty Mites do I need?

Dragonfli offers you this useful biological control weapon in bottles containing either 5000, 10,000, 25,000 or 50,000 predators per bottle. 

One bottle of Mighty Mite 5000 can treat up to 20m2 of surface area.

How long do the Mighty Mites last?

The predators will begin consuming the pests immediately and, providing the conditions are optimal, will continue to feed and reproduce until the infestation is controlled. If you cannot see that pest numbers are reducing after around 7 days, you may need to apply more predators to completely eradicate the infestation.

How do I apply the Mighty Mites?

Mighty Mites are supplied in a bottle of vermiculite, which acts as a carrier for the mites and permits easy application amidst the soil and base of your plants. Simply turn and gently rotate the bottle when evenly spreading the predators on the compost or soil around the base of the plant stem. Mighty Mites are not observed on plants after application as they are soil dwelling mites.

Full instructions are provided on delivery.

Combine Mighty Mite application with more Dragonfli predators for better protection against Thrips

Mighty Mites primarily focus on feeding the egg and larval stages of Fungus/Sciarid Flies. It will also attack Thrips pupae in the soil, but cannot be relied upon alone for Thrip control. Mighty Mites do, however, enhance biological control when used in conjunction with other predators feeding on Thrips directly on plant foliage. See our dedicated page of Thrip predators here and select which predators suit your specific infestation needs. 

See also our Fungus Fly Killer Nematodes for complete control over Fungus Fly

Fungus Fly Killer Nematodes will enter the larvae of Fungus Fly via a natural opening, like the mouth, and feed on the contents of the larvae. A natural bacterium is produced by the nematodes inside the larvae, which kills it. Infected larvae will be completely broken down by the nematodes. The nematodes also reproduce inside the larvae, releasing more nematodes into the surrounding area. 

Utilise these nematodes in combination with your Mighty Mites for the complete protection against Fungus Fly infestation. The Fungus Fly Killer Nematodes product listing can be found here.

Chemical Pesticides

Mighty Mites are living creatures and can be affected by any chemical pesticides used within the previous few weeks. As a general guide, refrain from using Pyrethrum or SB Plant Invigorator 2 days prior to use. Other chemicals insecticides can have long lasting residues that could harm the Mighty Mites and other predatory mites for much longer periods. Refrain from using these products or check with Dragonfli for information on the effect of these products on the predatory mites.

Mighty Mite



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