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The cucumber originated from Ancient India where it grew in the wild. Around 2nd - 3rd millennia BC, early Indian civilisation managed to domesticate cucumber and start infusing it into their rich cuisine. As time went by, their manufacturing capabilities expanded, and in the 1st millennia BC they started trading with Middle Eastern civilisation and Europe. The most famous example of cucumber finding home in the Middle East can be found in the legends of the ancient Ur and the sagas of Gilgamesh.

Roman Empire was the place where cucumbers were truly embraced by both nobility and lower classes. In addition to eating, cucumbers were also widely used as a source of several medicinal remedies (both cultivated and wild cucumbers of cucumbers were used for the creation of over various 40 remedies). They treated everything from bad eyesight, scared mice, cured scorpion bites, and carried around wastes by wives who wished to have children.


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