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Cucumber Mini Munch F1 is an ideal lunchbox snack when harvested at just 7cm (3in). The 8-10cm (3-4") fruits are mid-green in colour, smooth, firm and crisp with an exceptionally good taste and flavour. Sets well even in cooler conditions. Long cropping period.


When growing cucumbers, harvest regularly to encourage, long continuous production. Pick the fruits whilst young and tender before they show signs of producing seeds, as older fruits can become bitter. Harvesting cucumbers is best done early in the morning when temperatures remain cool.


Cucumber Mini Munch F1 Vegetable Seed Information

Seed Quantity:Approx 4 seeds per pack.

Sunny, sheltered site.

When to Sow:

February - May in a greenhouse.

How to Sow:

Sow indoors: April-May 1cm deep on their sides in individual modules or 8cm pots of firm pre-watered compost. Keep soil moist at all times. Maintain a consistent temperature of 20C during the day and night.

Plant out from July into greenhouse border or grow bags


Train up canes or string. Water sparingly at first and increase as plant grows. Feed regularly. Remove all side shoots from the bottom 2 ft (60cm). Nip out shoots a couple of leaves beyond developing fruits.

Harvest:July to September. Fruit are at their best when 8-10cm long.

Cucumber Mini Munch



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