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Grow foods in
your home,
365 days a year

The TowerGarden Home system allows you to grow a wide variety of foods, indoors and out, 365 days a year. It is a turnkey growing system providing you with immensely fresh and nutritionally dense foods. It's highly efficient in the energy it uses and an independent study shows that it will pay back the initial investment in 9 months v buying produce from the supermarket. 

It's super easy to use and the difference in the quality of the produce that you're eating is just immense. 


Nutrient dense
living produce, straight to your table

Did you know that the average lettuce sold in the UK has travelled 1150 miles, is 8-10 days old and has lost up to 60% of it's nutritional value. It has been grown using pesticides, herbicides and who knows what else to make it so it's not utterly limp when you open the bag. 

How about growing your own, using none of the above. Water and Tower Tonic- a blend of rocksalts, minerals and nutrients blended to allow  a broad amount of produce to be grown. 

Then, it's all about harvesting to order, literally. Pick leaves of as you want, creating your perfect dish. 

204_my seed leaves_sep_2021_4774.jpg

So easy to use,
green fingers
not required!

With Tower Garden in the UK

Honestly, if you can bake a cake you can grow this way. There are a few key things to master and then you're away. 

1) The towergarden bolts together and will take no more than 30 minutes to build.

2) The nutrient mix is nothing more than adding liquid nutrient to water, to the correct amounts. The system comes with everything necessary to easily check the balance.

3) The system needs to be checked twice weekly for the water balance. Monthly, wipe the outside down, 6 monthly, take apart and clean.