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True Garden Vertical Farm Aeroponic Hydr

asked questions

Tower Garden Purchases

How quickly will my TowerGarden arrive after I make payment?

As soon as payment is made to TowerGarden, your Tower will arrive with you in no more than 7 days. It is despatched from a depot in Europe by Courier, whom you will have to sign with. 

Why am I not paying directly for my TowerGarden? is a partner of both TowerGarden and Truegarden who at this point have not officially launched in Europe. We have the rights to sell TowerGarden into Europe but all financial transactions are processed by TowerGarden themselves. will look after you post sale with any questions that you have. In the unlikely event of any returns, they will be faciliated by TowerGarden themselves. 

Can I spread payments for my TowerGarden as can be done in the US

Currently this is not a facility that can be offered in Europe. Full payment by either bank transfer or Credit/debit Card needs to be made directly to TowerGarden. When you have 'bought' the TowerGarden on (but not paid for) we will send your details directly to TowerGarden in the US and will provide you with payment details.

I see that in the US the sale comes with a pack of seeds and PH up and Down, why is that not available in the UK?

Simply because this country has a wealth of amazing seeds and we can provide you with a good selection ourselves! There is a link on the 'accessories page' for an equivalent PH up and down that will be with you in a couple of days. TowerGarden have swapped out what was a much smaller 250ml container of the TowerTonic A and B solution with a 1l container of both, which is worth much more financially than the seeds and the PH up and down combined.

How long will the Tower Tonic A&B last for that comes with my order and how do I reorder?

The TowerTonic goes a long way and will last you for a good 6 months. Factors such as seasonality and whether you're growing indoors or out will affect that. To order a new container, just place the order on and it will be with you within a week.

Do I have to use the TowerTonic with my Tower. 

No but we thoroughly recommend you do. Many people ask that question, many might try other types, with the vast majority come back to Tower Tonic. It has been thoroughly and robustly trialled for aeroponic growing and is simply the best. It has been created so that it fits multiple different types of plants and is used by both domestic and commercial farmers. TrueGarden, deemed the best commercial farm in the world is still using it with their 375 towers, 6 years later. 

If it aint broke, don't fix it comes to mind!

Is the TowerGarden made of plastic that is safe?

Unlike a number of competitors that purport to use food safe plastic, TowerGarden does and has been fully vetted by the FDA. Plastic is not a good thing when Single use. In this case though, the TowerGarden is guaranteed for 10 years and is made of a thick PPE which does not allow light to get through. What this means is - no light = no algae growth in the liquid nutrient. It also means that you are going to get many years of enjoyment out of your TowerGarden and can't really be seen in the same light as other plastic. 

Is it expensive to run a tower?

Water- most residential properties in the UK aren't charged for how much water they use, it is just a flat charge. Tower Gardening uses 5% of the water than conventional gardening. It's minute. 

Electricity- The pump in a TowerGarden is the same as in any aquarium or pond. It's doing approx 20 mins every hour which will cost on average about £2.20 a month. The LED lights, if you choose to buy them are also extremely low in energy consumption. 14 hours of use a day will cost about 20p in energy consumption. 

If outside we are also working on a Solar PV module that would literally eliminate this cost and allow for the Tower to be placed further away from the mains than is normally possible.

Seeds & growing material- Seeds are incredibly cheap to buy coming in in 100's and costing under £2 usually. Growing material- rockwool cubes cost about 7p to buy and with cut and come again lettuce will last multiple crops. 

Growing assistance after purchase

Currently all assistance for this type of growing is offered by Seedleaves themselves rather than TowerGarden. We are offering a half hour lesson by Zoom, every Wednesday this summer- free of charge to those who wish to buy a tower or those that have just purchased one. 


After that we can offer one to one lessons, again by Zoom to get you started and answer specific questions. This will come at a cost of £40 an hour.

You are more than welcome to come to our site to have a look at our microfarm set up and see how we implement growing directly into our foodservice restaurant and retail consideration. This is sited 45 mins South of London.



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