Now is the time for a seedchange in the way we grow and consume foods in the UK

The current Pandemic has thoroughly proven how dangerous our existing supply chain is when it comes to supplying food to the population. Brexit also adds further concern as to the position. 

With TowerGarden technology we can bring agriculture to the people, with no limitations on where to grow.

You're not looking for a large piece of agricultural ready land in locations where there is a generally a massive premium on commercial property.

You're looking at the localised potential for supplying foods directly to the consumer, roots on fresh food, sold within hours of harvesting. 

 There are hundreds of examples of people growing on rooftops, in warehouses, in restaurants and shops - bolting growing on to an existing situation, with the ability to easily grow your own foods.

Across the globe 'Farmpreneurs' are springing up in the most diverse of situations and is bring that opportunity to the UK.

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With Tower Farms, you can grow up to 30% more food, 3x faster — while saving up to 90% more space and 98% more water compared to traditional growing methods.

You can produce up to 250,000 plants

on a single acre of land.

You can often use Solar Photovoltaic and Rainwater harvesting to create an off-grid facility. 

Indoor growing can be done on scale using additional lighting as either supplemental to natural light or as the main source throughout the day.

Produce can be harvested, 'roots on' so that they can be sold still living to your customer. 

There are hundreds of more statements on the benefits of growing with this technology - get in touch!


Start small and scale up - the technology makes growing far less complicated than traditional agriculture 

With Towergarden growing you can pivot from crop to crop depending upon what you customer demands. With traditional agriculture you have to plan out a years worth of growing in the area that you have.

And there is so much less to worry about. No digging, barrowing, raking and getting covered in dirt! As long as you have the fundamentals in place - it's actually more akin to bonsai! Giving you more time to concentrate on the business and scaling that up.


With you can stick your toe in the water with a microfarm at just 10 towers, within a short period of time you will understand just how easy it is. 

All Towerfarms come with everything needed to start growing, TowerGarden tonic, feeder system, pumps etc. 

Videos from our partner in the US, Truegarden. We are working closely with them in bringing the technology to the UK. From 10 tower micro farms to full scale greenhouse production, just get in touch.
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