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We sell Tower Farms

Seedleaves has extensive experience setting up Tower Farms, from small scale micro-farms to large scale operations 

 100% Automated, Vertical Growing Systems

Perfect for professional growers, charities, community gardens, start-ups, restaurants, hotels, schools, and more

Want to grow your own produce, year-round, in-doors or outdoors, within your business or as a commercial enterprise? Look no further than Tower Farms. Our 100% automated, vertical growing solution includes 10-1000+ modular towers, capable of growing up to 52 plants per tower. That's 950% more produce than growing in the ground.

Revolutionise Your Produce Supply Chain

Take control of your supply chain, reduce your environmental impact, and ensure a consistent supply of fresh, high-quality produce for your customers or employees

Tower Farms can be set up in greenhouses or indoors using grow lights, and even thrive on rooftops in heavy stormy climates.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to take control of your produce and join the Tower Farm revolution!

Continued support after installation.

Feel confident that after installing a TowerFarm with Seedleaves, we will be there to help you.

You will receive unlimited access to our 2.5 hours of edited online lessons and you will have your own WhatsApp channel where we will respond to any queries you have.

We have considerable experience in building, operating and integrating your farm into your business, owning our own retail & restaurant outlet all working with the Farm.

Installing a Medium Scale Farm for...


One Garden Brighton is a community-based organisation that utilises a historic 18th century Georgian stately home, complete with a beautiful original walled garden, as a venue for promoting sustainable food production and environmental education. In May 2021, they partnered with us to install a 10-Tower outdoor Tower Farm on the property.

The success of the initial 10-Tower installation led them to purchase an additional 15 Towers, which was installed in 2022. Seedleaves also built One Garden a number of flood and drain systems for seedling propagation, as well as an indoor vertical growing tent to showcase how plants can be grown in a confined, controlled environment space.


Plumpton College is running the technical aspects of the greenhouse, providing educational opportunities for students to learn about sustainable food production and the latest farming technologies.

The One Garden Brighton and Seedleaves partnership demonstrates how innovative technology can be used to create positive social and environmental impact, and how community organisations, educational institutions and private business can collaborate effectively to achieve shared goals.


Installing a Tower Farm for...


The University of Surrey is a leading research-intensive university located in the UK. In February 2022, the university will be partnering with Seedleaves to install a 10-Tower Tower Farm on campus. The farm will be operated by the university's student-run organisation dedicated to sustainability, and will be open to the entire university community, providing an innovative and effective solution for promoting sustainable food production, education and community engagement on campus.


This project will be a great example of how universities can use innovative technology to create positive social, educational, wellbeing and nutritional impact, while promoting sustainable practices on campus.

Videos from our partner in the US, True Garden. We are working closely with them in bringing the technology to the UK. From 10 Tower Micro Farms to full scale greenhouse production, just get in touch.

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