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Grow beautiful, bountiful strawberries on your Tower Garden, indoors our out.

Are you looking to grow delicious strawberries in your aeroponic tower garden or soilless growing system?

With strawberries, there are 2 different types.

Everbare- The plant will produce strawberries all season.

Seasonal- The fruit will be stronger at a particular part of the summer but not run throughout like the Everbare.

Which is better for a towergarden or soilless system?

Different consideration on this. If you want to see strawberries as something that come and go, allowing you to replace the plants with something else- then the seasonal varieties are what you want. This will give you more strawberries at a particular time as well. If you are happy for the plant to just crack out some strawberries all year- then the everbare is your choice.

To start, make sure to choose the right variety of strawberry for your system. Popular varieties include Albion, Seascape, and Chandler, all of which produce large and sweet berries. Once you have your plants, make sure to give them plenty of space to grow and provide them with plenty of nutrients and water. Remember that strawberries are heavy feeders and require regular maintenance. You could add some of the plants into the microleaf ports if you have them, perhaps every other port.

When using bare root strawberries, it's important to clean the roots properly to avoid introducing any contaminants into your system. We use an aeroponic sprayer system that fires water at the roots over three days, completely cleaning the plants. We then submerge them in H202 to eliminate any contaminants like Pythium (root rot) that could seriously affect your system

By cleaning the roots properly, we ensure that your bare root strawberries are free from contaminants and can grow and produce fruit in your aeroponic tower garden without any issues. Just remember to regularly maintain and clean your tower garden to keep it free from harmful contaminants.

Overall, growing strawberries in an aeroponic tower garden can be a fun and rewarding experience. With the right variety, proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy delicious strawberries all season long. So why not give it a try and see the fruits of your labor grow?

TowerGarden home- we suggest 3 plants for indoors.

Want to learn more- check out our online Seedleaders program:

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