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Genovese Basil is a variety of Basil originating in Italy, known for its large leaves and sweet, mildly spicy flavour.  Used medicinally as an anti-inflammatory, and popular in cooking, Genovese Basil is often used in delicious dishes such as pesto, and caprese salad, or as an addition to homemade pizza.


100% naturally grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. All seedlings are grown from organic non-GMO seeds.

- Shipped directly to you and easy to plant in your Home Tower Garden®.

- Grown to order and delivered within 20 working days. We also have a range of seedling packs, which are pre-grown and ready to deliver within as little as two days.

- You can select three different types of growing medium. By default, they will be grown in soil-based Root Riot® plugs, but if you want a different medium, please select from the dropdown menu above. All the varieties we offer will work in a Tower Garden, but having trialled many different types, we strongly recommend the Root Riot® plugs.


- Tower Garden® Ready

- 100% Organic Seeds

- 100% GMO-Free

- 100% Pesticide Free

Genovese Basil



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