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There are very few brands in the UK that live up to what Joe Barrington at DrForest produces. He's the opposite to everything you'd usually find in a garden centre. Small batch, meticulously sourced, high quality products.

See further below as to more about his small, artisan business. 


The product 


Organic Insecticidal Soap made with Cold-pressed Organic Neem Oil

Dr Forest’s Neem Insecticidal Soap is made from cold-pressed Organic Neem Oil. It is a natural bio-degradable soap that is similar to a castille soap. It is a good preventative at lower dilutions and a treatment at higher concentrations. It can also be combined with other products such as the Dr Forest's Emulsified Neem Oil to increase the effectiveness.







From Jo about his business.


I originally started Dr Forest to sell excess seaweed fertiliser I produced for my orchard. I then decided to grow it into a one stop shop for organic fertilisers and natural pesticides. I either produce the products myself or if i am not technically capable e.g Humic Acid, I sell the best product i can find.

I sell a range of dry and liquid fertilisers, soil conditioners, probiotic soil ammendments, wetting agents, humic & fulvic acids and pest & disease prevention and treatment sprays.

I currently supply allotment growers, golf courses and everything in between.

I use Organic products wherever possible. 90% +

I do not use animal products from the factory farming industry.

I do not use GMO's.

I buy British wherever possible.

I use compostable/recyclable packaging wherever possible.

Dr Forest Organic Neem Insecticidal Soap



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