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Oregano is the common name for Common Oregano or Wild Marjoram, and in fact all Marjorams are from the genus Origanum. Common Oregano has sweet aromatic oval leaves which have a better flavour when used dried than fresh.

Oregano produces beautiful mauve flowers that the bees & butterflies adore but if left to flower it will be at the expense of the flavour of the oregano leaves. The flowers are pretty & abundant so it is worth letting some go to flower. Planting oregano in your garden borders or veg patch will encourage the bees & butterflies to visit and help pollinate your crops.

Oregano is the smell of Italy - it's used on pizzas or in tomato sauces, but tastes great sprinkled on lamb before cooking or in casseroles and omelettes etc. It is a useful little herb growing to 45cm tall by 45cm wide.

Oregano is a perennial and although it dies down with the first frosts, it will survive winter if given a little added protection from autumn mulching and will regrow next spring.

Oregano Herb Seed Information

Seed Quantity:Approx 800 seeds per pack.

Sunny, well-drained soil, likes alkaline soil best.

When to Sow

February to April or September.

How to Sow:

The seed is very fine so mix some with horticultural sand to make it easier to handle. Sprinkle seed thinly on seed trays but do not cover the seed. Place ideally in a heated propagator or cover with a polythene bag.


Cut back in June to prevent flowering and the oregano will quickly re-grow & give another harvest.

Harvest:May to October (Once established).

Oregano Herb Seeds



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