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Sorrel Red Veined is an easy to grow perennial herb that has a distinctive tangy lemony taste that adds flavour to a salad, makes an excellent soup or sauce for fish.

Sorrel Red Veined Herb has very attractive foliage with leaves that are light green with deep red veining - it looks as good in the garden as on a plate with mixed salad leaves. It does have a strong flavour so best use just a couple of leaves in a salad.

Sorrel leaves are at their best when young & tender as the older ones tend to be tough & bitter. If it is sown early it can be picked in its first season (about 6-8 weeks from sowing). As a perennial it will begin to grow from February the following year.

Red Veined Sorrel will reach a height & spread of 30cm and although it requires very little maintenance a regular chop back will encourage new foliage & prevent it from going to seed.

Red Veined Sorrel makes an attractive & useful container plant.

Sorrel Red Veined Herb Seed Information

Seed Quantity:Approx 500 seeds per pack.

Sunny/partially shaded, fertile soil.

When to Sow

February to July.

How to Sow:

Direct sow seed 1cm deep and 5cm apart, water carefully. Thin successful seedlings to 50cm apart when about 6 weeks old.


Pick regularly/chop it back to ensure growth of new tasty leaves and prevent it going to seed.

Harvest:April to October.

Sorrel Red Veined Herb Seeds



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