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Tomato Lizzano F1 is the most blight tolerant variety available. It is a semi-determinate type producing abundant yields of tasty, high quality, bright red, baby cherry-sized fruits. It is a vigorous variety with a compact, uniform trailing habit.

Tomato Lizzano trusses hang down all sides of a container or hanging basket and as a tumbling bush variety it doesn't require side shoots pinching out. It is perfect in a hanging basket or pot especially if garden space is at a premium.

Keep picking tomatoes to encourage further fruits to grow & ripen. There is nothing better than eating a sun warmed tomato straight from the vine.

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Tomato Lizzano F1 Vegetable Seed Information

Seed Quantity:Approx 10 seeds per pack.

In containers/hanging baskets.

Type:Determinate - Bush Variety
When to Sow

Sow January to April under cover.

How to Sow:

Sow seeds thinly in seed trays of seed & potting compost or 2-3 seeds in small pots and cover lightly with a little compost. Firm compost gently and water carefully. Keep in heated greenhouse / propagator at about 15-20C. Transplant into larger individual pots when 10cm tall. 'Harden off' plants for 3-4 days before finally planting them outside from May to June, at a spacing of 45cm between plants. It is best to plant deeply to a depth of 0.5cm below the seed leaves - this helps to give a nice sturdy plant. This variety can also be grown in a greenhouse in a large pot/greenhouse soil or grow bags.


Keep protected if frost is forecast with a fleece or a cloche. They require daily watering and feeding with a high potassium, tomato fertiliser once a week when the fruit has begun to set. Tomato Lizzano does not require staking or pinching out.

Harvest:12 weeks from sowing.

Tomato Lizzano F1 Seeds



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