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Just imagine growing bountiful foods without any digging, weeding, slugs or miserable British weather!


Well, imagine no more.  The Tower Garden home is the solution. It fits in just one square metre worth of space and can grow both outdoors and with the addition of the LED lights, indoors, all year round. Eton mess with your own Strawberries in January anyone?!


It is a firm favourite with this generation of switched-on children, they love to watch the seeds grow into something they can tend and then eat. 


This Towergarden Home is a 20 plant aeroponic growing unit that will allow you to grow a wide variety of salads, vegetables, fruit and more.  It comes with approximately 9 months worth of liquid nutrient (1 litre) and a starter kit with everything you need to get it up and running.


All you have to do is plug it in, fill it with tap water, add the nutrients & pH, pop in the plugs, and you're done. Wake up every morning and with a cup of coffee in hand, enjoy the mental benefit of tending your own plants.


MONTHLY PAYMENTS - We can break your payments down into 4 payments of £148.75 if you wish to.  These will be paid monthly for four months until the tower is completely paid for.


Payment is taken by Tower Garden, please fill out your details and when it comes to payment, click other. You will then get a call to process the payment. Delivery is within 7 days from payment. Monthly payment options will be provided by Tower Garden when they call to confirm the order.


Tower Garden Home



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