Having grown on a TowerGarden home for a year and trialled numerous different crops, we feel that this selection ticks all the boxes for your first grow. 

  • Easy to grow and maintain
  • A good range to both cook with & season dishes.
  • A number of cut and come again, multiple servings from the same plant.





Basil- Red Shiraz, a beautifull deep red colour, prized for its looks as well as having as much perfume as normal basil. 


Basil- Lime. I've had one of these growing in one of my home towers from the outset, it has the most stunning smelling leaves. The plant you get your friends to smell to prove how amazing the tower is!


Corriander Cruiser- a compact small leaved corriander prone not to bolt as quickly as other varieties. 


Parsley french- A traditional flat leaved variety, that provides massive amounts of parsley- so much so, I had to remove a second plant as I just couldn't use up enough!


Dill- Perfect to provide  fish dishes with a delicious  fresh taste. 




Wildfire mixture (cut and come again) - A colourfull mix of different lettuce leaves that you can constantly cut to make salads. 


Rocket Pegasus (cut and come again)- add some peppery bite to the wildfire mix by adding some rocket to it (arugala across the pond!)


Butterhead lettuce- you can either pick from this as it grows or, leave it to grow into a fresh and sweet round butterhead - perfect for a couple of salads.


Redfire lettuce- a new variety, green crisp leaves with a deep red colouring to the tip. Combines very well with the butterhead to add some texture and crispness to the salad.


Cruciferous & Brassica


Pack choi Hanakan- White stemmed with light green leaves, these grow extremely well and are really usefull in not taking up lots of space on the tower. 


Pack choi Rubi - a lovely deep red and green stemmed pack choi.


Pac choi can be used to either add some crunch to a salad as a small leaf or grow to a full plant for cooking


Rainbow chard, bright lights. Swiss chard is a nutritional powerhouse -- an excellent source of vitamins K, A, and C, as well as a good source of magnesium, potassium, iron, and dietary fiber.

It looks lovely as well, multi different coloured stems.


Spinach Komatsuna- Not your average, this is a Japanese variety which has a mustard, cabbage,  spinach taste profile. Bright green, fresh leaves- delicious in a salad. 






Tower Garden seedling starter pack


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