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Having grown in a TowerGarden home and trialled numerous different crops, we feel that this selection ticks all the boxes for your first grow:

  • Easy to grow and maintain
  • A good range to both cook and season dishes with
  • A number of cut and come again, which will regrow new leaves after each harvest, perfect for salads


This is a pack of 32 seedlings




2x Genovese Basil - a classic, large-leaved basil with a strong perfume, perfect for pestos and pizzas.

2x Lime Basil - a pale green basil leaf with hints of citrus is perfect for fish or poultry dishes where the fresh citrus flavour lifts the dish. It's also great for cocktails like gin and tonics, substituting more traditional lemon or lime slices.

2x Oregano - a versatile seasoning that can be used fresh or dried. It pairs especially well with tomato sauces such as pizza toppings or pasta sauces, but also adds delicious flavour in vinaigrettes or dressings.

2x Sage - known for its pungent aroma and long grey-green leaves, sage is a popular herd for seasoning poultry and game and is often used in stuffings.

2x Cruiser Coriander - sometimes known as cilantro, coriander is often used in marinades, dressings or soups but works well as a garnish on pasta dishes too. This particular variety is great at staying flavourful through its whole life cycle.

2x French Parsley - a versatile herb that adds freshness to white or cheese sauces, but also works well in salads, or in pesto.

2x Mint - 

Chives -

Peppermint - 


Lettuces and Salad:

2x Butterhead Lettuce (2) - a classic green lettuce with crisp, crunchy leaves which are perfect for any fresh green salad, or as a side to a quiche or summer meal.

Redfire Lettuce - a new variety, green crisp leaves with a deep red-purple colouring to the tip. The redfire combines very well with the butterhead to add texture to the salad.

Forellenschluss Lettuce - these are delicious to add a peppery taste to salads, but they also work well in stir fries or sauteed with garlic as a side dish.

2x Lollo Rosso Lettuce


Red Kale

2x Rocket


Cruciferous & Brassica:

2x Hanakan Pak Choi - a member of the cabbage family, with white stems and light green leaves, these grow extremely well and are delicious in stir-fries. They're a relatively compact plant, and so go a long way in dishes as well as not taking up too much tower space.

2x Rubi Pak Choi - a lovely deep red-leaved and green stemmed pak choi. We grew this as our first ever crop, and it looks stunning. Both pak choi can be used to either add some crunch to a salad as a baby leaf or grow to a full plant for cooking.

2x Rainbow chard - a variety of swiss chard, this is a nutritional powerhouse - an excellent source of vitamins K, A, and C, as well as a good source of magnesium, potassium, iron, and dietary fiber. It looks beautiful with a mixture of pink, yellow and green stems.


Edible Flowers:

2x Viola



Note: This seedling starter pack is grown to order. Please allow three weeks between order and delivery.

Tower Garden Seedling Starter Pack

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£54.00Sale Price


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