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Epic 2,000 Tomatoes harvest

Last year I was mentoring a really lovely guy called Alf who had just bought a towergarden and then had bought a second almost immediately afterwards. Alf lives in Norway and I have to say I was sceptical as to what growing tomatoes was going to be like in the colder climate that he lives in.

The next thing I know, Alf's gone and propagated some tomato seedlings- a first for him ever. Then the labels get mixed up and we're not even sure what plant is what.

With tomatoes, its best to put the smaller cherries at the bottom and trail the larger ones up against the wall but as we didn't know what was what- Alf just went with the flow. Which pretty much sums up gardening with a tower- it does all the hard work and as long as you keep it correctly balanced it runs itself.

So the next thing I know, at the end of the season I got this image and message and my jaw dropped. 4-5000 tomatoes of 7 plants, that's extraordinary!

He's done a great job in keeping them trained properly and harvested regularly which will keep the fruit coming. He pinched the plants out correctly but even so, wow.

Speaking to Alf again tonight- this was his message in terms of the varieties.

The types of tomatoes are: Romello F1, Balkonzauber, Sun Gold and Bitonto F1. The Sun Gold is the sweetest and is fantastic.

Anyway, I hope that gives you inspiration as to how just 7 plants can produce such a bountiful level of produce outside.

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