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Letttuce Kriska is an open habit but compact lollo bionda variety with light green crisp, crunchy leaves with frilled edges.

We found it an excellent variety that is easy to grow, very slow to bolt and so a prolific producer of fresh lettuce leaves over a long time. The crisp leaves can be picked a few at a time and left to re-grow or the whole head can be harvested in one.

It can be sown in spring, summer and autumn. Autumn sowings will need the protection of a greenhouse but it should keep through the winter and be ready for picking early in the spring.

Lettuce Kriska is an easy to grow variety with lovely crisp leaves that makes an excellent salad. What could be better than picking a few fresh, crunchy homegrown lettuce leaves as and when required through the growing season. No wet limp lettuce when you grow your own!

Lettuce Kriska Seed Information

Seed Quantity:Approx 400 seeds per pack.

Prefers well drained, moist rich soil.

When to Sow

March to August (or Feb to September undercover)

How to Sow:

Sow seed thinly (March to August) direct into a pre-watered drill 6mm deep with 30cm between rows. When seedlings are large enough to handle thin to one every 30cm apart. Early sowings will benefit from added protection of cloche. Alternatively sow undercover (February to September) in seed trays 6mm deep. Pot on seedlings when large enough to handle and grow on inside. After a period of hardening off, transplant outside when 4-5 leaves have grown spacing 30cm apart in row 30cm apart. Late summer sowings should be grown with added protection of greenhouse. For successional crops sow every 2-3 weeks.


Keep moist especially during dry periods. Pick regularly to ensure new lettuce leaf growth if required.

Harvest:May to October

Lettuce Kriska (Lollo Bionda) Seeds



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