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Sage Herb Seeds. Sage 'Salvia officinalis' has the best & strongest flavour of all types of sage. It is a hardy evergreen perennial that can be picked all through the year.

Sage 'Salvia offinalis' grows to a height & spread of 60cm and has soft, oval grey-green leaves, with mauve-blue flowers. A pretty plant that looks just as good in you garden borders as in the veg patch or in a container. Can be grown indoors if there is enough light.

Patience is needed to grow sage from seed, as seed sown in March will not be ready to pick until June the following year but that just makes it more satisfying to harvest. Somethings are just worth waiting for. Seed sown in August/September can be lightly picked in June but should be kept in greenhouse overwinter for protection.

As a woody perennial it will need replacing after 4-7 years as it becomes woody & less productive so propagate from cuttings in late spring/early summer to ensure the crop continues.

Sage is the key ingredient for 'Sage & Onion' stuffing and complements Pork wonderfully but also tastes great with other meat like chicken, in soups or mixed with cream cheese. It can be used fresh, frozen or dried, each has its own merits but if dried it becomes stronger and stores well.

Sage Herb Seed Information

Seed Quantity:Approx 50 seeds per pack.

Sunny, well drained.

When to Sow

March-May or August-September.

How to Sow:Sow in free draining compost and lightly cover with a sprinkle of finely sieved compost. Cover & keep at 18C. Germination takes 1-2 weeks. When seedlings large enough pot on to small pots to grow on and then transplant outside when risk of frost has passed. Alternatively direct sow seed in April in shallow drills 5mm deep. Germination will take 2-3 weeks. Thin seedlings to 30cm apart.

Very little care required, it likes dry conditions so don't overwater. Does appreciate a light trim in spring to encourage new fresh growth.

Harvest:From March sown seed, June the following year. Then all year round.

Sage Herb Seeds



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