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Begone Chlorine, thou shall not pass!

I've got that Lord of the rings scene going through my head when I think of this new product we've just started stocking!

Ok, so perhaps I'm a little bonkers..... However, chlorine and these days chloramine are found in all the water you get through a tap in the UK is not particularly good for plants. At micro levels Chlorine is needed by plants, just as they need other nutrients like Potassium, nitrogen etc. At larger concentrations it's not at all good for them. Chloramine is a newer more stable additive that is being used alongside chlorine will last in the water for much longer than chlorine.

The suggested route to get rid of chlorine is the day prior to when you want to use it, you poor the required amount of tap water into a container and let it sit for 24 hrs. The chlorine will evaporate away of it's own accord down to a safe level (not all as it takes quite a bit longer than 24hrs in reality, especially Chloramine)

Along comes a product called Ecothrive neutralise which just like Gandalf with his magic stave, can completely remove it from tap water, immediately.

What that means is that you can be completely disorganised like I am and not have to wait for that 24 hr period before filling up your reservoir. It's also incredibly cost effective. 1ml is enough for 20l of water so a 50ml bottle at £6 is enough for very nearly an entire years worth of filling up your tower weekly!

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