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The power of a tower in a class room

We were contacted by an amazing teacher called Steve Hennah from the Hurst school, who had seen us on the BBC doing a piece for the local news. He had seen the towers and immediately understood how powerful they could be in a classroom in a school in the UK.

Being the man he is, he then wrote to the local council and another body trying to raise the cash for a tower. Low and behold, after 10 years of trying to raise money for various different ideas both attempts were successful. Which allowed us to then put in place a really impressive setup.

The whole thing has been a total success. An urban growing club has been created which allocates students different roles- propagating seedlings, maintaining the towers, harvesting the products being the core roles but they continue to do new and different things.

We continue to help them- it's such a positive thing to have in a classroom. The learnings of being able to year round grow plants right in front of the children is immeasurable.

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