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Kjøpe en Tower Garden

Alt salg for Towergardens er processed by Juice Plus. Når du velger 'betalingstype', velg 'annet' og du vil få tilsendt en faktura med detaljer om hvordan du betaler. Levering skjer direkte til deg og vil være hos deg innen 5 virkedager fra betaling.

All sales for Tower Gardens, lights, cages etc.  are processed on the Tower Garden website. Delivery is made directly to you and will be with you in 5 working days from payment.

Receive 50% of our seed leaders course and learn all aspects of growing with your tower. 

The course can be found here:

Full backup and advice from us anyway.

Click on Country to Purchase Tower Garden

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Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 10.06.36.png
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Germany Tower Garden

France Tower Garden

Ireland Tower Garden

UK Tower Garden

Austria Tower Garden

Switzerland Tower Garden

Italy Tower Garden

Spain Tower Garden

Netherlands Tower Garden


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