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Lær med en TowerGarden

Did you know that 10,000 towers have been installed in schools across the US and integrated into the curriculum?


Trying to engage children in horticulture is challenging, as much because many schools do not have the space to create a growing space or the skillset to teach in this field. TowerGarden technology puts the magic back into growing, especially for inquisitive little minds. Children love growing with them and can be engaged from the moment a seed is put into a substrate to pulling leaves of and eating them straight from the plant. 

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Lær med en TowerGarden

An optimal system for kids to explore plant growth, including biology, chemistry, physics, and horticulture. Our school-friendly facility supports the integration of towers into classrooms, assisting schools in achieving sustainability goals. The produce cultivated serves as a practical lesson in nutrition, empowering students to make healthier food choices. As Urban Growing Club members, schools receive monthly challenges for continuous learning, development, and student success.

Lær med en TowerGarden

With 3 years of system installations, we comprehend the initial awe of encountering a tower. Despite their imposing appearance, they're remarkably user-friendly, accessible to all ages for growing fantastic, delicious plants.

In our Urban Growing Club, we acknowledge schools may need support. Offering prompt remote maintenance, we empower schools to swiftly address issues. Any teething problems can be resolved remotely through our user-friendly hardware, eliminating the need for on-site fixes.

Micro-Farm på skolen.

As the micro-farm has an automatic dosing system which requires just a water source, it requires very little maintenance in its running. And that's just for starters...

  • Engage your class with a hands-on, project-based learning experience 

  • Grow where the learning happens

  • Eliminate common growing pains like bugs & mess

  • Elevate diets as well as minds

  • Farm for the whole school year

  • Support your existing curriculum using our lesson plans and learning materials 

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