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Discover the future of sustainable farming with our innovative soilless systems

Dyrk ferske gårdsprodukter hjemme med våre forhåndsspirede frøplanter, innovative aeroponiske dyrkingssystem og all hjelpen du trenger 

Tower Garden Technology

Perfect for both home and commercial use, Tower Gardens are vertical, aeroponic growing systems that maximise space and yield. Whether you’re a home gardener looking to grow fresh produce year-round or a commercial farmer seeking efficient, high-yield solutions, Tower Gardens offer unparalleled flexibility and productivity.

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For Home

Enjoy fresh, homegrown produce with minimal space and effort. Perfect for urban settings, patios, and balconies.

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For Commercial

Scale up your farming operations with efficient, space-saving systems designed to increase your yield and reduce resource usage.

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Tower Farms

Take your farming to new heights with our Tower Farms. These large-scale, vertical farming systems are ideal for commercial growers aiming to optimise space and maximise output. Our Tower Farms are designed to meet the demands of modern agriculture, providing a sustainable solution that enhances productivity and profitability. 


Scalable Solutions: Customise your farm to meet your specific needs, whether you’re starting small or expanding an existing operation. 


Sustainable Farming: Reduce water and land use while increasing crop yields and quality.


Innovative and compact, InvertiCubes are perfect for urban farming and indoor cultivation. These modular systems provide a controlled environment for growing a wide variety of crops, ensuring optimal conditions for plant health and growth.

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Urban Farming

Ideal for cities and indoor spaces, making fresh, local produce accessible to everyone.

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Controlled Environment

Maintain perfect growing conditions year-round, regardless of external weather.

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