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How to grow a bountiful TowerGarden outdoors

The Towergarden Home is a system like no other. Grow massive plants indoors throughout the winter, expanding the lights as they grow. Grow leafy greens, bright red tomatoes and many plant types in between.

But when the whisper in the air is that of spring, it then makes perfect sense to use the TowerGarden outside. Every full spectrum LED growing light has been mapped on one glorious thing- the Sun! Som why not cut to the chase and use it to grow your summer harvest outside

it just can't be beaten when it comes down to many aspects of growing. Fruiting plants like Tomatoes, high in carotenoids will ripen faster outdoors.

Also, you can grow far more produce by trailing it up trellises on either side of the towergarden. So on one side you might have tomatoes and the other cucumbers and in the middle lettuces and other salads and herbs. Or Strawberries, they work very well, especially if you get the everbear variety.

Have a look at the following video we've put together to showcase what can be done.

All you need is:

Power to the Tower. This can be done using a solar PV panel & battery if you want to go offgrid.

Otherwise, just power from a plug, as it would be for the indoors. You can get waterproof extention cables which work perfectly.

Trellis- Bog standard trellis works with this, although I rather liked the willow ones we bought.

Twine- a light soft string to be able to tie the plant to the trellis. Don't use something that could cut into the plant- it needs to be soft. This type:

Seeds/seedlings. This is very much about personal preference. The fact that you are growing outdoors makes a big difference to what you can grow. You can now expand the type of plant to include bigger vining plants like beef tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes etc. Have a look at what we do:

Or, if you want to go from your own seed, all good! You do want to get plugs going as soon as possible for the fruiting crops- tomatoes, cucumbers etc.

I just did a blog previously on this, I'm still astounded by our Norwegian tower power friend Alf, who from a standing start produced three towers of tomatoes & chillis and produced a crazy amount of produce. Click the image below to see more:

Good luck, get growing!

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