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Il est temps de
repenser la nourriture

Pourquoi faisons-nous ce que nous faisons?

At Seedleaves, we proudly introduce InvertiGro's groundbreaking InvertiCube solution, encompassing an end-to-end growing experience that revolutionises indoor farming. InvertiGro's "Plug'n'Play" solution integrates hardware, operating software, and supporting services to streamline your growing journey.

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Qui fait partie de l'équipe ? 

At the heart of InvertiGro's commercial-scale indoor farming solution lies the game-changing InvertiCube. These modular sealed grow cubes redefine indoor farming possibilities, offering unparalleled versatility and efficiency. With InvertiCubes, you can transform any space into a thriving farm, from urban basements to remote warehouses, without costly building modifications.


efficiency & yield

InvertiCubes are designed for maximum crop density, delivering greater yields per square meter than any competing system. Their modular design allows for easy configuration, ensuring optimal growing conditions for a wide range of crops, from food to medicinal plants.

Sustainability at its core

Operating on 24vDC power, InvertiGro systems are compatible with renewable energy sources, minimising conversion losses and reducing environmental impact. LED lights are meticulously tuned for ultimate energy efficiency, further enhancing sustainability.

Scalability & simplicity

InvertiCubes' compatibility with standard pallet racking and materials handling equipment enables seamless scalability at an affordable cost. Combined with optimized crop recipes and user-friendly software, our solution empowers growers to plan and manage their production effortlessly, without the need for specialized expertise.

Experience the Future

of Farming

InvertiGro's plug-and-play end-to-end growing solution sets a new standard in indoor farming. From setup to operation, our solutions offer unmatched affordability, simplicity, and sustainability. Join the vertical farming revolution with InvertiGro and Seedleaves today.


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