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Pak Choi Red Choi F1 is a colourful purple/red leaved variety with bright green stems that looks as attractive in the garden as on a dinner plate. It is easy to grow, slow to bolt and quick to crop, a tasty little leaf with a mild cabbage flavour.

Pak choi Red Choi F1 can be picked as babyleaf for salad production or left to mature to full size and added to stir-fries, pies etc. We love to shred & fry the leaves to make a type of crispy seaweed and top off our oriental dinners. We also use leaves in our homemade quiches and lightly steam whole pak choi's and serve as a side dish with our roast dinners! Such a versatile little vegetable!

Pak Choi Red Choi F1 can be treated as a 'cut and come again' crop i.e. harvesting a few leaves at a time or cut 3cm above ground level and left to re-sprout or the whole head can be lifted entirely in one go. It is ready to pick in as little as 3-6 weeks depending on which stage of development you require.

Pak Choi can be overwintered but will need added protection. Pak choi Red Choi F1 was awarded an RHS AGM in 2010 for its excellent performance and we think it was well deserved and always include it in our veg plot - a tasty little star performer!

Growing Tip!
If you notice any of your pak choi plants producing broccoli-like florets, don't panic. You can still eat them. In fact, they are great tossed in a stir fry. You can also try cutting the pak choi as a cut-and-come-again for another harvest in a few weeks. Just cut them off approx 3cm above the base and they should re-grow.

Pak Choi Red Choi F1 Seeds (AGM)



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