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Use our Tower subscription service 

Selling to restaurants, schools and nursing homes requires much more than just selling a tower. 

We have put together a range of remote service pack ideas so that your client can be supported over a period of time. 

We will look after the towers remotely, send the client seedlings on a subscription and provide a range of lessons, depending upon their industry.

Different levels depending upon need/budget.

For every successful subscription sold, you receive commission!

Buy a Tower Garden

Ready to start your zero food miles, home farm food journey? Buy a tower garden today and start growing. 

Offer your clients reduced price seedlings  & receive 6 free

When selling a tower to a new grower, being able to provide them with seedlings helps to sell the tower. 

Offer your client 25% off the cost price of a starter pack with your unique code.

Receive 6 seedlings free yourself. 
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