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The finest sauce this side of Argentina.

Chimmichurri is just a massive favourite of mine. It's so fresh, healthy and delicious as an accompaniment to so many things. There are many different types and realistically in Argentina or Uraguay the sauce is made from dried herbs rather than fresh, simply because they can't easily get the fresh produce. You will see Chimmichurri in pots on pretty much every restaurant table in Buenos Aeres.

We are massively fortunate to be growing a bountifull amount of produce on our systems and Flatleaf Parsley, if left to properly take root will produce you bucketfulls of the stuff. As you will see, I make chimmichurri at home regulary and this massive Flatleaf would provide me weekly handfulls.

Have a look at me making it in an office in London for full instructions:

Anyway, I could bang on about how amazing it is but you need to find out for yourselves! Recipe below, let me know in comments if you've any issues.

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